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2020 The 14th lnternational lnternet of Things Exhibition-Shenzhen
Date:2019-07-30 reture

On July 30, the 12th IOT 2019 international Internet of things exhibition (Shenzhen station) with the theme of "everything wakes up, G canundefinedt be lost" opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This is an international Internet of things Carnival of extraordinary significance, gathering nearly 700 + well-known brands in the whole industry chain of Internet of things, displaying more than 10000 + excellent products and the latest products of the Internet of things.


The exhibition is jointly sponsored by China Internet of things industry application alliance, Shenzhen smart Retail Association, and China smart city construction investment alliance. It is hosted by Shenzhen IOT Media Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen e-trust IOT Network Co., Ltd. and co organized by 21 Internet of things associations across the country, which is committed to promoting the Internet of things industry to a higher level!

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In this yearundefineds IOT carnival, there are not only international and domestic giants showing their technical strength, but also enterprises in the whole industrial chain of IOT putting on various refined products. There are also many Internet of things summit forums that sparkle ideas. There are awards ceremony awarding gold medals to witness the highlight of enterprises. There are also international purchasing negotiation meetings that face a large number of international friends.


With the digital transformation and upgrading of all walks of life, the application scenarios of the Internet of things are as vast as the boundless sky. However, the application of the Internet of things cannot be separated from the three core architecture layers of the Internet of things, namely, the perception layer of information acquisition and identification technologies such as RFID, sensors, and the transmission layer of information communication technologies such as NB IOT, Lora, EMTC, 5g, ESIM, Bluetooth, UWB, ZigBee, etc And big data, cloud computing, edge computing, cloud platform and other algorithm technology platform layer.

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Talking about technology without application is a big taboo in the Internet of things industry. The ultimate goal of the Internet of things technology is to meet the needs of all aspects of the Internet of things application layer, that is, high-precision real-time positioning, smart retail, smart city, industry 4.0, smart home, Internet of vehicles, smart grid, smart light pole, smart parking, smart restaurant, intelligent fire protection, etc., all of which can be digital transformed with new technologies Scene.

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